Let Me Share

Please a allow me to take a moment of your time to share.  I receive tons of emails and questions regarding my gifting event.  I get asked, what are you selling? What will it cost to participate? Why are you doing this? Can I get the money instead?  Something’s up because you can’t get anything good for free!  

Yes, all valid questions.  You should always question the unusual and even if someone else attempts something similar you should pose reasonable questions.  I will always say that it is smart to question but there is danger in how the questions are presented.  Some of what I receive as a question forces me to become defensive simply because it is assumed that I am guilty of a scam or something inappropriate as opposed to the kind gesture that is being provided.  I, SU STREET receive noting of monetary value for running this event.  I have some silent partners but no direct sponsorship.  I am not obligated to a specific designer, fashion trend, or even a particular look.  We showcase on Style Recognized, everything from vintage, high end, thrifty, you name it and I have chosen to showcase the look.  We are not a popular magazine or high fashion outlet with millions of readers.  I am the lady behind you in line at the Starbucks complementing your cute shoes or the person in elevator that is in love with the color of that trench coat.  If the look is being admired simply in passing or just across the table, that is who I am.  That is Su Street.  Using this blog I want to share with other fashion lovers looks that get my heart racing or bring a smile to my face and make me say “that girl did it right”.  To put it into prospective, allow me to share. 

This is who I am

I love fashion in my life but I am one of only a few that have no desire to work in the fashion profession full time.  Yes, who would not want to look fab, travel to shows, meet designers and have access to the latest trends (wow that does sound kinda nice) or even talk about it.  But that is not for me.  I am a business woman living in the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.  I only wear Ralph Lauren and have done so since high school.  I am over 40 plus years old, so 20 plus years with one designer (very monogamous relationship). Now shoes on the other hand are fair game for anyone.  My profession is in finance and it affords me the opportunity to travel the world.   I love my job and the travel as wonderful as it sounds, here is the truth and others who travel will understand.  Airport to Airport to hotel to dinner, doooooo business (for x number of days), prepare more reports, more dinners while doing business, then finally airport to head back to your home airport.  All that being said, no down time, I have been to amazing cities and leave the hotel in the morning while its dark and return to the hotel in the evening and yes it is yes dark.  I can provide details on any airport in the country simply because of the amount of time I spend waiting for flights.  But I can’t share anything about last years 30 plus visits to San Diego, Ca for example other than the Gas Lamp district (normally where I stay, it close to the airport) because I am too busy to enjoy anything.  So remember what I just said, I am too busy to enjoy anything (I will admit I am in tune with myself.)

Let me take you back several years.  I was on my very first visit business trip to Japan.  Me being from a city and living in a metropolitan area I had no fear.  Remember big girls don’t cry.  Now mind you I arrived solo, with no guide and the only assistance was advice and old brochures from some coworkers who had previously made the trek.  But fear not, my itinerary in hand as to which trains, taxi’s, bus, you name it I was ready (of course I needed to the information attendant to tell me that all my travel info was old and I needed to take a different route.)  So I catch a bus to Tokyo and from the bus stop in Tokyo I needed to catch a train to my hotel.  While waiting for my train I decided to grab some food.  Of all places I see McDonalds.  Ummm Japan and I chose McDonalds over sushi.  Anyway I sit down to eat and just observe my surroundings.  I noticed a mother with a new born and maybe a 3 or 4 year old child.  The little girl was just like any other child being happy, bouncy and carefree.  Well I noticed the mother grabbed the child walked her to the door of McDonalds then walked out into the hallway pointing and gesturing.  The whole time her bags, purse, and stroller still at her seat.  The mother then came back to the table with no child.  So I assumed she had taken the little girl out to meet up with a family member (dad or grandparent).  I didn’t think anything else of it so I just ate my food and prepared to leave.  Well about 5 minutes later.  I see the happy little girl running down the hall with her beautiful eyes and ponytail standing at the sliding doors to enter the McDonalds.  She was so tiny she could not trigger the sliding door to open so I got up to trigger the sensor.  She runs over to her mom jumps on the seat and picks up where she left off.  Happy while playing with her food as she eats.  Of course, now I am expecting an adult to walk in behind the little girl and to my surprise no one showed up.  I leave the McDonalds and head to my train which happened to be the direction where the little girl had just darted from.  More to my surprise down this walkway was a sign that displayed his & hers public restrooms.  Down this long walkway you then needed to turn down a second hallway just to reach the restroom.  A…mazing, this mother just allowed her daughter to go into a public restroom alone and completely out of sight with no worries.  The next day at my meeting I told this story to a room of about 10 people and no one was in surprised.  They explained to me about the culture and how the elderly and children are cherished.    Knowing that my mother would not let me play as a kid in our gated back yard for longer than 2 minutes without yelling to me to check if I was ok.  I could not believe the mentality and pure quality of life for any group of human beings could be preserved for so many that they would still cherish the most vulnerable.  Understand this comes from living in the big city all my life.  Major wow moment.  This simply shows that trust and faith in fellow man still exists and it starts somewhere.  For the Japanese culture it started generations ago.  But the point is that it started and is still going.  Then later that week while in route to my meeting during the morning rush hour (which actually seems like all the time).  I stood at a kiosk clueless as to which train to take and I am not kidding at least 3 strangers offered assistance (without me asking).  Do you know I take the Metro in DC everyday and for a resident or a commuter trying to get to work; a tourist or someone not familiar with the system slows you down and just get in the way.  Yes in the past I have walked past people holding maps in the subway or even on the street.  I was focus on being in my lane in life and on to my next stop.  The time it would have taken me to assist someone in unfamiliar territory is minute compared to the benefit it would have been for the person lost or in need.  So with my experience in Japan, I walked away with my life changed.  I have decided to trust in my lifetime and with purpose I will seek out to help where i am allowed.  I walk in this everyday of my life.  Until my dying day I will volunteer my hands, donate my money and figure out small ways to bring someone joy. (Yeah and don’t email me to donate to a cause.) 

So let’s fast forward to today.  Nothing about what is done here a scam.  We do not ask your credit card information for shipping cost.  I don’t need your telephone number to sell.  Your address is not being used for marketing material.  The only real piece of marketing that has come out of this so far and we already knew that was “Women Love Shoes”.  I have gifted about 5 pairs of shoes so far (I should buy stock in Jeffrey Campbell).  As you have read, I do not live in Mayberry with Sheriff Andy Griffith (some of you may be too young for that reference).  The point is I am not a naive person to the big bad world.  I live in a big city with corruption, lying, steal, violence going on all around me (and that not only referencing our government).  But because bad is around me, I do not have to make it a part of me.  None of my winners have I ever met in person and I know for a fact they would not be able to pick me out of a line up even if there were only two choices.  But I can say with certainty that it warmed my heart and blessed my soul to see the joy in each person’s photo while wearing their gifted item. Receiving a gift is always a great feeling.  But receiving a gift of something you want is an amazing feeling.  I strive to make the gifted recipients feel amazing!

The goal as you can see with my blog is to appreciate those that give to fashion.  Posting photos on a public personal fashion blog is giving a part of one’s self to the world.  If I look at 10 blogs that feature mint jeans.  No two would be the same.  The beauty in the difference that each person brings to fashion is what fashion blogging is all about.  Because I want you to be you, I‘ve decided to gift items of your choosing to simply add to your collection and keep your blog moving forward.  There are 3 of us at Style Recognized who search to find looks to showcase and we always discuss how few comments exists in the blogs but how plentiful the comments are in the all-in-one places that let you just download your looks.  I like those places for their convenience.  However, the creativity in an individual blog shows me a little more of a person than just how they appear in clothing.  I would hate to see blogs replaced by the photo depository.  Again I am not anti.  I know that some young lady or even young adult is playing dress up in their bedroom and feels that no one understands her style.  So she creates a blog, she joint a group, get many followers (on the follow me and I follow you plan).  But no one gave her the one thing she needs, encouragement.  The simple comments “You look beautiful”.  Do you believe she would trade all the hundreds of followers and the gazillion hype points for a single strange (not creepy guy) visitor to her blog who just left something nice to say?  Friends and family are required to be nice in public but strangers are more genuine.  A small courteous gesture will go a long way.  Those people in the Japan train station took a moment, stopped and assisted me with no benefit to them at all.   They stepped out of their comfort circle and for the rest of my life I plan to step out of my comfort circle.  Try it, trust me you will feel good.

My good deeds are simple seeds.  They get planted today and next season or even ten seasons from now something will blossom.  My hope is that it grows like a jungle because what better place to wear animal print than the jungle.  I gift because I want something out of every participant who registers.  I want you all to embrace fashion using your own personal style.  I want you to continue your personal fashion shows/runways via your blog.  Most important I want to be able to say one thing.  Thank you!!
Because I am too busy please let me enjoy this. (I think this should be my new tag line.) 

Su Street


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! and for the great comment... I had the lovely opportunity to look through your blog as well... much love!
    I think it's great that you share others inspiring looks!
    Thanks for sharing

    xo Jessica

  2. Wow!

    I read every word above and am moved by your sincerity. Your story of what you witnessed in Japan is not something new to me as I've heard plenty of wondrous stories from friends and relatives who've had the good luck to visit that beautiful country. I'm also lucky enough to have many Japanese friends and through their stories, I've discovered how completely pure they are in thoughts and intentions.

    I'll admit I was a little doubtful as to why you were doing this and now that I've read what you wrote, I completely understand.
    And I respect you.

    Thank you.
    The world needs more people like you :)

  3. Love this. I heard so much about the culture in Japan before, and just reading the same experience on your blog that my friends have had really validates it and makes you appreciate that something like this exists today. Keep doing what you're doing. You're definitely making people happy. :)

  4. Wow. You've made me think in a different way. I hope I don't forget this when I wake up and can start tomorrow trying to live my life in the same way! :)

  5. I dont really know about the gifting or anything like that, but what I do know is that I couldnt stop reading and was very interested by your life. Im 27yrs old and have a husband and 2 kids and I know how one thing can completly change your viewpoints on life.
    I would love to understand more about what you do if you wouldnt mind sharing the info. Thanks!

  6. I found your blog from somebody else's blog that I followed. I started reading and you captured me. You inspired me. I start reading and reading. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this to other people. Doing something good and honest to others, what can we lose? Nothing. But we just made a lot better on the inside. I hope you keep it up be it through blogging and in any other way. Life is good, the world is better with people like you and the person/s that help you from your trip to Japan . I cannot give away stuff like you do but I try to do good deeds that best way I can. I smile at people at work. Who knows maybe that person that I smiled with is going through a rough day/time. I clean the coffee pot even if I don't have to for some people to use the next day at work. One of my co workers asked me, why I do it? I told her because these people gave us endless supply of coffee, creamers and sugars without asking for us to pay for it so the least we can do for them is clean the pot. These people buy their own coffee supplies and not the company. Thank you, thank you.




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